WHAT IS PRIMER?Our Primer comes as a clear, gel-like liquid meaning it’s invisible when it’s on your skin. It's a product that should go on first before any of our other products, because it smooths, de-shines and helps hold your makeup, so is a real multitasking hero. To get the smoothest base possible, apply it all over your face rather than to...

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7 Unusual Style Mistakes Men Make (By Accident!)

How confident are you with your body? When we think of body shame and physical insecurities, most people think of women. However, a 2016 Chapman University study found only 28%...

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10 Colognes Women Absolutely LOVE On Men

Will she bury her face in your neck and sigh, ‘Mmm… you smell great'? Or will she wrinkle her nose and pull away? Whether she's your wife or the girl...

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