our promise

Social responsibilities

As THE REAL MAN grows and evolves, so will our giving back to society. THE REAL MAN together with THAAGAM is constantly looking for ways to do good for a better world of living.

As human beings, we have an inborn characteristic to realize the importance of giving back to society because it fulfills our deepest human needs. Growth is one of those needs. Volunteering also fulfills our needs for contributing and significance, making us feel needed, unique and helpful.

We have proudly partnered with a non-government organization, THAAGAM that aims to uplift the life of every individual by providing basic requirements to the poor and needy. Their vision is to have a world where the most vulnerable will be able to uplift themselves out of starvation, hunger and get the basic needs for survival.

Every time a product is purchased by a real man, 1% of the total will be directed to our partner in supporting their work to uplift the livelihood of people, animals and the environment.

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